LED Industry - Wafer Inspection SERIES (Wafer視覺檢測系列)

Wafer視覺檢測系列(Wafer Inspection SERIES)



  • Type: WR1000
    Wafer Size: 8~ 12 inch wafer
    Functions: Backside crack and Side way crack
    Equipment Functions: ♦ Machine inspection FOV 1.6x1.2mm (One pixel 2.5μm)
    ♦ Production range 8 inch wafer to 12 inch wafer . ( conversion kit )
    ♦ 2D bar code read and inspection data Mapping out.
    ♦ Use for IR lighting and 10X microscope
    ♦ Off line vision re-check soft ware function
  • Type: WI1110/WI2000
    Wafer type & carries: wafer carrier:FFC/Hoopring ring
    Wafer size:2~6 inch
    Prescan capablities Resolution(μ/pixel):2.43(1.42x)
    Inspection capabilities Resolution(μ/pixel):1.57(2.0x), 1.26(2.5x), 0.32(10.0x), 0.16(20.0x), 0.06(50.0x)
    Defect types ♦ Surface defects, eg foreign material, passivation defects
    ♦ Contamination defects, eg liquid residues, surface particles
    ♦ Dicing defects, eg chipping
    ♦ Probe mark defects
    Speed WPH:72(2"), 30(4"), 10(6")
    System configuration
    Prescan system:

    ♦ 500 million Gray Industrial Camera
    ♦ Zoom Lens
    ♦ Ultraviolet Lighting

    Inspection system:

    ♦ 1200 million Color Industrial Camera
    ♦ Microscope with objectives on revolving turrent (5 mounts)
    ♦ Illumination:backlight: spot light
    ♦    brightfield & darkfield: LED light source (2 million Ix)
    ♦ Intel Pentium PC, runing MS Windows 7 Professional (64bit)

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